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This wiki serves as the central information database for the Imperion RPG project, a text-based, post-apocalypse cyberpunk game. Our Wiki Project aims to get players familiar with Imperion's setting, history, and mechanics, explaining these in easy-to-digest, small bits at a time, so you can play here from day one. Below, you'll find a series of links bringing you to the landing pages of each of our information sections. These landing pages give you a list of what pages are in the given category, and a short summary of what you'll find on those pages, or introduction to the race or faction in question. We hope this arrangement makes it easier for you to find what you're looking for. If the section header in the left side menu is blue, it links to a section index, which will give you a list of all pages in that section, and a short summary of what information the page covers.

We do have Pokemon on our site as Demons, strange creatures that appeared after the End; however, there is nothing else tying us to the franchise, thereby we are not technically a Pokemon site, we just happen to have them. Further, while we do also have a skill system in place, it is 99% automated, and can be ignored in favour of plot-based threads, like any other board. However, we highly recommend giving it a chance — it is not like your parents' DnD sessions, and you can write around it, you can still be creative, you can even still angle it a certain way if you want something specific to happen to your character. It's more like a video game, and it is honestly a piece of cake, and may make you wonder how you ever operated without it. Try it; the worst that happens is, you never touch it again or quit the site. You've got nothing to lose.
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There are no heart-warming stories here. Imperion was designed to be hard to handle, designed to be things its players do not always like. But it was also designed to change. Any IC aspect can be changed, through IC action. Tear down the fighting rings, repeal the Registration System, end the use of shock chips, find a better alternative to Euphoria, overturn the Handler system — Imperion can be anything you want it to be. The staff are also open to suggestions; we may not implement them all, but we will listen. Make Imperion your home, be a part of something bigger, and truly contribute to the site's growth and development.
Where do you stand?
* Andascan Federation // In pursuit of truth.
* The Outlanders // Of one sky, of one fate.
* United Republic // Discovery equals immortality.
Ghost in the System
* Battling // Just in case you get in a fight.
* Quests // Where the real story lies.
* Suite Guide // How to set up skills and Demons.
About Our World
* Site History // Never forget where you're from.
* Demon Database // The Monsters of Tyrrhenia.
* The Dome // The lives most of Tyrrhenia lead.
So why join Imperion over the others? We're glad you asked!
* We have a straight-forward application. You have the option of doing a free-form application, if you would like, but all of it is in your forum profile, meaning you have no coding to fuss with. Everything's laid out as user-friendly as possible. Even setting up with the Skill Suite is pretty simple.

* Our site documentation aims to get you ready to dive right into the game from day one. Separated into smaller, more focused chunks, our Wiki is structured to be easy to navigate, and our documentations don't really ramble, so you can get what you need to know under your belt, and get in the game.

* Member-driven sandbox. Everything that happens in-character will trigger in-character reactions, meaning you have the ability to shape and change the world you play in, as you play in it. A driving point of the game is also the interaction of our factions, but you don't have to be in one to influence Imperion. Shape its future by what you do — or don't do! We do have an optional "main" quest-line, but this quest-line can be ignored, and merely leads players to the truth of Tyrrhenia's history; what you do with it after that is entirely up to you.

* Imperion is not about the destination, but rather the journey. Grow and develop your character as you play, reach new heights, learn new things, and maybe even make Imperion a better place. There's a catch; neither the Federation, the Republic, or the Outlanders, can simply eradicate each other — they all need one another to survive, too!

* Automation! Also, automation! And did we say automation? The only RP board with an almost entirely automated skill system that is as easy as inputting a BBCode when posting, Imperion has an in-house coded system that takes 99% of the work out of a table-top. Honest, even if you've never done a table-top game before, and were afraid of trying one, Imperion is the best place to give such setups a go. You have no skill points to manually track, no need to remember what dice to roll, no need to damage roll, or roll for secondary effects, or so on — all of that, the Suite will do for you. You just focus on tracking your HP. That's it.
— Skill Suite version 4.0 will be released within a month or two. The upgrade will make absolutely everything automated, meaning you just focus on having fun, enjoying the game, and writing great posts to go with it.

* Several exciting upcoming features: our own custom monsters, made for our site. Reputation system, earn automatic roller boosts based on in-character action and reaction. Automated Happiness and Link system, this system will automatically factor in roll bonuses for high Happiness or Link values. Territory battlefields, where factions can full-scale attack and battle one another for control over Tyrrhenian cities. Automated equipment and item system, which will automate buying, selling, and trading of items and Demons, and enable automatically factored-in roll boosters for equipped items. Equipment modding, which will allow players to customise what their equipment does and what effects it has.

* Inspiration from: Pokemon, Shin Megami Tensei, Bladerunner, Final Fantasy X / X-2, 9Dragons, SoltyRei, Aeon Flux, The Shade Wars, real-world history, a few real-world religions.
Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 License