The Outlier Trials

Though the Outlier Trials have not run in at least five years now, it was a very recent, deep scar on Tyrrhenia until that point. The combined efforts of the Outlander bands, spearheaded by Wintersky, have ended it rather permanently, as they continue to wreak havoc on the trial sites the Republic set up. Still, there may come a time when those that keep it shut down no longer can, and it is reinstated.


It is no longer known for certain who or what first began the competitions, but they are not thought to have originally intended to be to the death. Rather, it was more like a reality TV show, in which participants survived in the wild on their own. Within the first five Leagues, however, the competitions had turned deadly, and by the eighth Outlier Trial, the participants competed in large arenas, mimicking the natural environment around it, and only one would live to see the end, and be awarded the Golden Arceus Badge.

The most recent winner of the Outlier Trials, and the current reigning Trial Champion, is Axel ( Vasilyev ). The Trial he won was the final full-running Trial that occurred, as the three Trials after his did not manage to finish ( Outlanders destroyed one of the sites mid-Trial ). After those three, the Outlanders have continued to keep enough of the sites destroyed that the Trials do not start at all.

Trial Sites and Badges

There were eight trial sites. Surviving a site would award a badge, give a short break, and then the games would continue in the next trial site. Each site would most likely be harder to survive in than the last. Some Trials did not last to the final arenas, with Champions taking their title before the final sites were reached. As such, some Champions have fewer badges than others.

Badge-Fae.png Fae Badge Scythia Level 1
Badge-Maize.png Maize Badge Illyria Level 2
Badge-Para.png Paragon Badge Cilicia Level 3
Badge-Pearl.png Pearl Badge Tellus Level 4
Badge-Summer.png Summer Badge Galatia Level 5
Badge-Shield.png Shield Badge Achaia Level 6
Badge-Watt.png Watt Badge Mytilene Level 7
Badge-Flake.png Frost Badge Damascus Level 8
Badge-Arceus.png Golden Arceus Badge —- Champion

Participant Selection

It is unknown how participants were selected. The names that were pulled should not have been in the system to begin with, as typically, no one knew the given individual even existed, let alone that they were eligible for the Trials. It is more likely, someone somewhere had their own records, that were gained through dubious means. Some theorise that those that were chosen for the Trials had one thing in common; dealings with the Black Market or their clinics, which suggests there is, or was, a leak in the Black Market system somewhere.

It is known that all participants in the League were:

  • Unregistered
  • Relatively impoverished
  • Under 20 years old, commonly under 17 as well
  • Typically a Psionic

Participants were informed via a mysterious letter that they had been chosen to participate. Those that did not heed the summons generally disappeared and were never seen or heard from again. At occasional intervals, the participation selection rules would randomly change, and at times, even Tyrrhenians and previous Champions have been chosen for a Trial. It was possible for someone else to volunteer to take part in place of one that had been chosen.

Previous Champions

Only one known prior Trial Champion still lives, this being Ian "Axel" ( Vasilyev ). Most of those that have survived a Trial have since disappeared, presumably fleeing the Republic's territory entirely. There may be some still living in the Outlands.

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