The Outlands

A small number of Tyrrhenians, most Psionics, and all Fusillades, live in the Outlands. The Outlands are a lawless land, and can be cruel and difficult to survive in, between the crazy weather patterns, lack of unity, and the rabid Demons running around. Many, however, consider these necessary sacrifices to make for freedom, and the Outlands do at least afford them freedom, and opportunities one may not get in the Dome if they are among the unfortunate. All one needs is a little intellect, and a little resourcefulness, and maybe a good shotgun might help, too.


The Outlands' weather patterns are so chaotic, they do not qualify as a climate. The temperature and weather have changed insanely drastically within only a few hours, going from a warm rain in the morning, to a blazing hot sandstorm in the afternoon, and following up with an ice storm at night. The sun is almost always blotted out by cloud cover, but once in a while, the sun comes out momentarily, just long enough to remind the Outlanders it is still there, before it ducks back behind the clouds.

No one has seen stars or the moon in the Outlands in several generations.


Unlike the Dome, there is no formal currency system, nor a controlled market. Anyone can sell, anyone can buy, and anyone can steal, too. Primarily, the Outlanders run on a barter-trade system, wherein, if you have need of leathers, you might trade spare tools to a tanner, or jewels or metals to an armour smith. Sometimes, Outlanders will trade items among one another for instead a service; food for fixing a broken pipe, for instance. It depends on the Outlander you come across, and whether they're up for being civil that day — some may just steal from you and call it good enough.


Similarly to the Dome, the Outlanders' cultures vary wildly. Mostly, the larger groups, such as the Andascan Federation, and the larger, more prominent Outlander bands, will have a more structured cultural basis. The rest, however, may be far more chaotic, and a bit akin to a melting pot of ideas, concepts, and ideologies. Religion is essentially non-existent in the Outlander groups, with a minor exception allowed for the Fusillade tribes, which do tend to at least somewhat pay reverence tribute to their ancestors.

Demon hunters, whom seek to capture rare Demons and sell them to the Dome for a generous price, are somewhat common to come across, as well. These people generally have no real taste for art or religion, and are essentially as lawless as a mercenary might be. There are some groups of Outlanders that have some semblance of art to their cultural background, but artistic endeavours are really impractical in the Outlands, and aren't very well-developed. Music, however, is a very common trend in the Outlands, and it has actually developed quite well among them — it is one of the things that draw Outlanders together, even if they are not necessarily allies. The Outlanders seem to have a melody in their blood. The Outlands sing, and they sing very well.


Most education in the Outlands is very practical kinds. I.E. literacy, only so Dome people can't trick you with writing and fine print, hunting, gathering, identifying plants and safe shelter, making fires, cooking, medicine, etc. However, there are those from the Dome that have learned more from their time in the Dome's education system and are more than willing to teach if one wishes to learn. Andasca and the Fusillade tribes tend to have their own sets of educational knowledge, things they learned and came to understand on their own, independently of the Dome, and will teach these things to their own people. Some may teach these things in turn to other Outlanders, but it's not quite that common.

Social Issues

For the most part… Outlanders really don't care. Many have a very vicious opposition to either the Psion Project, the Republic vs Federation war, or some other dubious thing the Republic has a hand in. This is actually often a very driving point of why these people are Outlanders to begin with. Some may even develop an intense prejudice against any Republic officer, no matter who they are, or what their own personal beliefs happen to be. It depends on the individual in question, but it isn't unheard of.

Some may have prejudices of their own, but it's rather rare that an entire population of Outlanders holds to the same prejudices — just don't try and convert them to your ways, that may end horribly.

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