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Type normal.png
Magic Use ★★☆☆☆
Distinctions Highly adaptable
Technologically inclined
Lifespan 80 Year Average
Territories None
Region Tyrrhenia

Your average, every day citizen of our planet, Tyrrhenians, or humans, are thought to be the youngest natural race on the planet. Ethnic boundaries do not necessarily exist after the End. Most regions consolidated, and ethnic lines have blended into one another. Some humans descend from a human line with some Psionic mixed in; these are not considered explicitly human, but neither are they explicitly Psionic, either, operating more akin to Tyrrhenians with some measure of ability to manipulate plasma.

Most humans use the term Tyrrhenian instead of human, and the planet is becoming more frequently called Tyrrhenia.


Tyrrhenians appear just like you and me. Bipedal, typically having some shade of black, brown, red, or blonde hair, naturally, and either black, brown, gold, green, or blue eyes. Their skin tones range from very dark brown to very pale gold-pink. Tyrrhenians have discovered hair dye and colour contacts, however, and some will have unnatural hair or eye colours.

Known History

Tyrrhenian history prior to the End is a mystery; very few historical records have survived. The End is estimated to have occurred some two thousand years prior to the start of Imperion. The year should be somewhere around 4316 — but the Tyrrhenians of the Dome have labelled it 2082 AE, standing for After the End.

Most Dome citizens, provided they are Registered, are at least taken care of. While they may not necessarily have the money for everything they want, the Republic has programmes to ensure that they have what they need. Charities are not really a concept, any more, as the Republic will arrange for trades and similar ( crop yield in return for seeds, or some such ), for families in need. They have a slightly less generous treatment of individuals that are not married and are childless. One of the fastest ways to get the Republic to care about you is adopting a child, whether you are married or not.

Same-sex partners are generally not allowed to adopt, however, for fear of teaching the child homosexual behaviour is somehow okay. For Tyrrhenians, whose population has drastically fallen as far as they know, creating and raising children is a very important part of Tyrrhenia's future well-being. This can be circumvented by adopting as a single person. Even so, Tyrrhenians have trouble conceiving children, and have to visit the Republic's clinics to do so. Since the End, infertility is a wide-spread problem, in both males and females. Dome citizens are not entirely sure what the Republic does, but it does lead to pregnancy, and the women don't seem to experience anything traumatising.

It is known that Tyrrhenians in the Outlands quite often live out their entire lifespan and never once bear a child, regardless of how active he or she is. An estimated 90% of Tyrrhenians live in the Dome. The other 10% are Outlanders. It is theorised that around 45% of the Dome citizens are Registered, with the vast majority remaining Unregistered. The gap between rich and poor has never been wider.

Age and Development

Tyrrhenians typically live around 80 years. Some may live a few years longer, but 80 is generally the cut-off nowadays. Outlanders live much shorter lives, with most not making it much past 60.

Factions, Groups, and Organizations

There are a wide variety of Tyrrhenian factions. It depends on whether the Tyrrhenian is a Dome citizen or an Outlander. The two most common are the Outlander bands, and the Republic itself.

Some Dome Tyrrhenians may ally with Outlander bands, despite not being Outlander themselves, as they believe the Republic to be too powerful or dangerous.

Relations with Other Races

Tyrrhenians are, on the whole, generally on decent terms with every race but their own. They do also consider themselves, to some extent, to be the boss race, controlling and overseeing the rest. This is quite exasperating to other races at times, but the others just roll with it, smile and nod, and let the Tyrrhenians believe whatever they please. The true master race is most likely the Demons, but they don't tend to flaunt this.

While Demonicas and Psionics do not outright dislike Tyrrhenians, it is very normal for Tyrrhenians to dislike them. Fusillades tend to be generally on the fence with them, and given most Fusillades no longer really separate from their Fusion Demon after a point, Tyrrhenians usually will mistake them for a Demonica, and really mess up their day.

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