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Type Variant
Magic Use ★★★★☆
Distinctions Ability to use Demon magic sans-fusion
Ability to communicate with Demons without a COMP
Capable of forming bonds with Demons
Inability to have more than one type
Lifespan 90 Year Average
Territories Andasca
Region Tyrrhenia

A faction of humans that did not seek shelter in the Republic's Dome after the End. Rather, they remained in their underground tunnels and shelters in caverns beneath the surface, and later spread into part of the Tiernan Wood. These humans notably underwent strange mutations that gave them Demonic abilities, and an affinity for a certain, single type. The Republic generally will try to capture a Psionic alive, and merge them into the Psion Project, which created Demonicas. However, the United Republic is at war with the Andascan Federation, comprised of the Psionic nations, and may occasionally kill them, instead.

Psionics were named after the Psion Project, for lack of anyone being able to think up anything else.


Psionics are almost entirely indistinguishable from humans. The only time one can tell the difference is when they are actively using their powers. Some may cause ambient temperature changes and similar from intense shifts in mood, but for the most part, they blend in with Tyrrhenians just fine — incidentally, this ability to blend in so well is part of why the Republic considers them so dangerous.

Known History

The Psionics are native Tyrrhenians, originally human as everyone else was. Unlike those of the Dome, however, and even the Outlanders, the Psionics chose to shelter underground and remained long after the rest of Tyrrhenia had returned to the surface. These people built very elaborate nuclear shelters underground, carving large tunnels and living spaces out from the earth. These spaces were lined somewhat haphazardly, as if it was rushed, with metal, in an attempt to prevent the radioactive pollution from leaking into the ground and reaching them. Given how quickly this was done, it did not work so well, and some mutation did occur.

However, this mutation merely gave them Pokemon-like features; Psionics can use Demon abilities and magic, speak to and understand Demons without aide of technology, and have type alignments. Some Psionics are a little more sensitive to the natural world. These Psionics may be capable of feeling or sensing emotions of others, communicating on a deeper level than words with other living creatures, and even sensing changes in Tyrrhenia itself. It is thought in some schools of religious lean, that, rather than being mutated, the Psionics were blessed by Arceus, and that they are Tyrrhenia's true saviours.

Their nation, called Andasca, is separated into several smaller groups, each ruled by a leader called a Warlord, with one or two co-leaders that were considered Junior Warlords. Those Andascans that battle, but are not Warlords, are called Warriors. Over the last several hundred years, Andasca has had several different Warlord lines; a few former Warlord lines have died out, but there still remain several that can trace their lineage back to the Tyrrhenians that built Andasca. As of now, the Psionics keep to themselves, generally under the ground between Circinus and the Tiernan Wood, if not partly under the wood, but were incidentally drawn into the Outlander-Republic conflict by virtue of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Due to their high Outland-environment resistance and their unique abilities, the Republic usually seeks to capture them alive, and essentially enslave them as war pets. It is quite normal now, for a Psionic to end up fighting his or her own people on the Outlands battlefields.

Despite this persecution and enslavement, however, the Psionics have maintained their nation. In direct response to the Republic's continually gassing their tunnels and killing off several Andascan city-states in one fell swoop with Dysphoria ( the reverse of Euphoria, Dysphoria was designed to send a Psionic's powers out of control and kill them with them ), Andasca has unified into the Andascan Federation. However, the Federation merely seeks to preserve Andasca.

Their known city-states were: Gibraltar; Calabria; Venedi; Apulia; Sardoney; Lydis; Naqada; Vinda; Priene; Lissus; Aegea; Thursis; Sybaris; Crotonia; Tyrus; Laodicea; Gennesar; and Sykamina. Gibraltar, Calabria, Lissus, Sybaris, Laodicea, and Sykamina have been destroyed.

Age and Development

Psionics usually have a slightly longer lifespan than Tyrrhenians. They also tend to age a little slower, as well, and some have lived decades longer than a human, but for the most part, there aren't too many differences between how a Psionic develops and how a Tyrrhenian does. Albeit, in Andasca, Psionic children are taught to control and command their powers in from a very young age, giving them a solid foundation for becoming master battlers later in life. The Republic tends to forgo this early training in Demonicas, leading to many Demonicas never really having particularly refined control over their abilities, and sorely lacking in the oomph, too.

Euphoria, while used to stabilise unstable Psionics, can cause many more complications than it fixes. Known side-effects are: inability to focus, irrational and consistent agitation, memory complications, unexplained physical illness and frailty, lacking ability to control one's powers, irrationality, heightened aggression, muscle deterioration, organ failure, coma, death.

Danger Ratings

All Demonicas and chipped Psionics are assigned a danger rating. This is a rough approximation of how dangerous, troublesome, powerful, or difficult to handle, a Demonica or Psionic may be for a Handler. Only Handlers with a clearance at or above this danger rating may be assigned as their Handler. This limitation can be overcome if a higher clearance Handler is willing to mentor the lower clearance one. One is typically relatively unlikely to find such assistance.

Danger ratings follow the Greek alphabet, going, from least threatening at Zeta, to Epsilon, Delta, Gamma, Beta, and Alpha, at the most threatening. Demonicas and Psionics have a danger rating instead of a rank, though they tend to inherit their Handler's rank insofar as what they are expected to do. Demonicas and Psionics will also inherit their Handler's Department and Unit, rather than the other way around, thereby they transfer a lot, if they go through Handlers rapidly.

At some point, Demonicas and Psionics will be deemed more trouble than they are worth, and euthanised. Be careful how far you push your luck, because you may sooner rather than later, find it ran out.

Factions, Groups, and Organizations

Most Psionics simply seek to stay out of the Republic's line of sight. This does not always work, but, it's usually a Psionic's first idea. Those already stuck with the Republic normally don't want to cause many waves, as the Republic has a reputation for being trigger-happy. Those advocating for better Demonica rights usually include Psionics in that umbrella, but not always.

In recent months, the Andascan Federation became the first Psionic-only faction, though it only seeks to preserve what's left of Andasca, not destroy the Republic, or even just free the Psionics the Republic has already enslaved.

Relations with Other Races

There's little logical reason as to why Psionics are so different. As such, most people dislike them even more-so than they do Demonicas, which leads to the Psionics having very strained relations with… more or less all other races. Even some Demonicas may dislike them, if only because Demonicas tend to feel like Plan B" next to them, and Psionics are clearly favoured over them, fostering one-sided bitterness. However, the Daeni don't tend to have trouble with them, or vice versa, and thus Psionics tend to get along easiest with Dae. But everything gets along with Dae.

While wary of one another, however, the Psionic nation of Andasca is known to be on friendly trading terms with the Fusillade tribes, and neither really tends to judge one another, so, they can be considered pretty chummy.

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