Growlithe "Fusillade" by tazsaints
Type Variant
Magic Use ★★★★☆
Distinctions Primarily human-like
Capable of fusing with Demons temporarily
Lifespan 80-110 Years
Territories Outlands
Region Tyrrhenia

The most recent race to be discovered, Fusillades are a low-populated tribe of Tyrrhenians that have formed very strong bonds with Demons, in much of a similar way as Psionics do. Fusillades are not technically a race, and can be either Tyrrhenian, or perhaps even Psionic or Daeni. What makes a Fusillade qualify as a Fusillade is the ability to temporarily fuse with a Demon. In order to do this, they must first create a Fusion Jewel, which is only possible by gaining a very strong relationship with a Demon, and then attempting to crystallise it. Crystallised Demons simply go to sleep, but their Fusion Jewel will still allow them awareness of the outside, and a telepathic communication channel with their Fusillade.

Fusillades have generally kept to themselves, for the most part, but recent years have seen them surfacing and being sighted, and occasionally, fought with.


Most Fusillades take on the appearance of one of the other races, and generally do not have a unique appearance of their own. Some may, after a long time as a Fusillade, begin to take on somewhat Demon-like features, typically that of the Demon they have fused with the most. Some very skilled Fusillades can hold the fusion indefinitely, and during this time-frame, will appear somewhat similar to a Gijinka Demon, or a Demonica, a fusion of human and Demon.

All Fusillades, somewhere on their person, carry their Fusion Jewel, a small gemstone that may or may not be set in jewellery or another item, in which sleeps their crystallised Demon.

Known History

It is not entirely known when, exactly, Fusillades first came into being. Many generations ago, a small cluster of Outlanders discovered the ability to seal Demons into crystals, typically a specific crystal for each potential primary type, and began to experiment with this discovery. Through the use of Runes, the cluster-tribe learned to temporarily fuse the Demon's physical form with their own, combining their plasma energies and abilities together in one. It was the ultimate way of working alongside your partner Demon as a true partner, and despite how draining the fusion was to hold in place at first, the early Fusillades continued training and learning, until one day, one of their number never did revert back to their separated forms. They say, that Fusillade eventually forgot they were even a Fusillade at all, and after a point, could no longer tell themselves apart from their Demon — and didn't care to, either.

As such, Fusillades can also be implied to be the current running masters of Runic magic. Fusillades were the discoverers of the inherent magic in Runic symbolism, and were the pioneers of the system as a practical magic form. Unlike the rest of the Outlanders, which typically have a very loose, and not at all uniform set of ideals and regulations, the Fusillades became a small nation in their own right, developing their own standard culture and doctrine. The Fusillades are currently a series of tribal groups, all generally allied with one another, some nomadic, some not, that uphold this standard culture and doctrine in their own unique ways.

Unlike those of the Dome, Fusillade tribes do not see fit to contract and capture Demons, but instead will befriend them. Whether the Demon stays or goes is entirely up to the Demon in question, and a Fusillade will never ask it to stay or form a binding contract that obligates it to. Fusillades have no need for COMPs or COMP chips — if they have Demon partners, those Demons stay and listen to their Fusillade's requests only out of a sense of friendship, trust, and respect. That is all.

Each Fusillade tribe has chosen an Asura to represent them. Some may consider the Fusillade tribes the first true resurgence of religious order, but this is more of a circumstantial representation, rather than a spiritually-based worship. Primarily, Fusillades revere only their ancestors, those who walked the land before they did, whereas their choice of an Asura as a tribal protector and patron is typically inspired by sighting one nearby at some point, typically more than once. Some Fusillade tribes chose their Asura based on a belief that the Asura's Deva originated in their tribe, thus making that Asura technically their ancestor, solidifying its rightful place as the tribe's patron.

Generally speaking, Fusillades do not track bloodlines — instead, they merely keep track of their tribe. Thereby, all Fusillades from the same tribe will have the same last name, the name of their tribe. These are always two words put together (I.E. Duskfire, Thunderwave, etc ).

Age and Development

Typically, Fusillades will age at the rate normal for whichever race they happen to originally be of. Thereby, Tyrrhenian Fusillades will age at a human rate, whereas half-robotic Daeni Fusillades will age much slower. Demonicas and Demons are incapable of becoming Fusillades, but the latter are very frequent members of Fusillade tribes, and are not treated any different than any other member of the tribe.

Factions, Groups, and Organizations

There are no known factions that the Fusillades typically consider their own, only their tribes. However, Fusillade tribes do tend to be friendly with the Andascan Federation, and may trade and intermingle with Andascans.

You can find a list of all current existing Fusillade tribes on this page

Relations with Other Races

Fusillades are a newer discovery for the rest of Tyrrhenia. The Republic typically mistakes them for gijinka or escaped Demonicas, and may be hostile toward them, but beyond this, most of the rest of Tyrrhenia have not come to a solid conclusion regarding them. Those in, or only having recently left, Andasca, are generally friendly to them, if a bit wary.

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