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Type Variant
Magic Use ★★★★★
Distinctions Originator race of magic
Ability to bond with Psionics
Capable of evolving
Lifespan Unknown
None have died naturally
Territories Demons have no concept of territorial boundary.
Region All

When Tyrrhenians first returned to the surface following the catastrophic event known as the End, the first known written account of Demons' existence began. However, it is believed to be quite possible that Tyrrhenia may have been home to Demons long before the End, simply, Tyrrhenians' return to the surface is the first recorded instance of contact with Demons. Is is also possible that our ancestors simply forgot they existed during their hibernation in the underground shelters.

It is entirely unknown if Demons are even native to this planet at all, and if they're not, where they came from, or even which region of the world they first populated.


Many Demons have appearances based on some sort of real-world animal, or object, or sometimes, mythological creature. One will generally be familiar-ish with how Pokemon tend to look, and we wanted Imperion's Demons to be very similar; familiar, but also quite unfamiliar. As such, we opted to slot Pokemon into the role of Demons, but we do have some original concepts and designs of our own, which are being released as Demons that are native to Tyrrhenia.

There are likely to end up well over 850 different types of Demon to choose from, so we do ask you stick to one of the existing Pokemon, or one of our custom-made Demon "Fakemons" for your Demon partners and characters. Some Demons will have a different typing set than is normal for their particular Demon species — these are called Delta Demons, and generally will appear differently from others of their species. Another sort of differing Demon type would be the shiny. Shinies are not special in any way, other than they have a different colouration than typical for their species. It is entirely aesthetic, albeit shiny Demons are quire rare.

Known History

Demons have only recently entered the history books of Tyrrhenia. Where they came from before then, if they had been in Tyrrhenia before the End, or if they were spontaneous mutations caused by the End, all remain entirely unclear. Those who first saw them called them Demons, more out of an instinctive fear of them, and despite relations with them becoming relatively decent since then, the name stuck. Over the last thousand years since the Dome was built, however, Demons have become almost as staple a part of Tyrrhenian life as Dae, if not more so. Many choose to befriend and work alongside Demons, as they have a much higher tolerance of the Outlands' chaotic environment, without any form of interference on Tyrrhenians' parts.

Early Demons are thought to have been controlled, to some extent, with harnesses. Some time later, the early beta model COMP was created, followed by the COMP chip. Chips essentially store a Demon's plasma as digital data, and then the COMP translates it back out in order to allow the Demon to wander around outside their chip. Some Demons are strong enough to manifest themselves from a chip without the help of a COMP. COMPs also hold the DLTM, the Demonic Language Translation Matrix. The DLTM allows non-Demons to understand and communicate seamlessly with Demons — Demonicas and Psionics, and notably, older Fusillades, can natively understand Demonic language, and do not rely on the DLTM.

Demons are known to be able to easily tell the difference between a human and a Psionic. Furthermore, they can also generally pick out a Fusillade, albeit they may not be able to rattle off the top of their head what they are, just that they're somewhere "between human and Psionic." Demons that are a particular Psionic's Perfect Link may find themselves rather attracted to the given Psionic, even if they really don't understand why, and they should not actually be attracted to the given individual at all.

Most Demons are companions, household assistants, show pets, and battle partners. Demons have no reason to remain with an individual that does not treat them kindly, or with respect, so be aware that if you are unkind or cruel to your Demons, they can easily break contract and walk away from you.

Age and Development

Rather than ageing and developing, Demons tend to evolve from one form to another. They are not known to die of old age, but they can in fact die.

Factions, Groups, and Organizations

Demons do not really have formal groups, though they may band together for survival.

Relations with Other Races

Demons are on decent terms with other races. One exception is the Demonica — it's very mixed which one you'll get. A Demon may be relatively forgiving of Demonicas, whereas other Demons may really not like them. Tyrrhenians, similarly, depending on their attitude and how they treat others, may find Demons don't tend to take to them well. Demons are somewhat neutral when it comes to Dae, but some very successful trainers and breeders have been a Daeni.

Demon Species

Please see the DemonBase for detailed information on each individual Demon species.

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