Rune System

The Runic System is a means of using written symbols in order to create unique magical effects. The caveat to the Runic system is that, some runes are pretty straight-forward and obvious in what they do. Ergo, the Fire Rune is pretty obvious. However, there are other runes that are not quite so straight-forward and is up to interpretation. Thereby, what, exactly, a rune or rune circle will do, is almost entirely random.

There are 306 available rune symbols; not all of them will be actively used on the board, so if you have an idea for a new rune, go ahead and message a staff member, or post in the Help Desk. We can probably get your new rune into the list, complete with a design, no art-skill necessary.

Learning Runes

Runes are a new system to Tyrrhenia. The closest thing to a Runemaster would be a Fusillade, but even they don't know all of the runes, nor what exactly all the runes they do know do. There's a lot of discovery to be had in the runic system.

You'll notice in the starting gear, that there are runestones available. These items will teach you the name and meaning of a single rune. You can randomise these if you want. Thereby, the only real way to learn a new rune is to find its runestone. After the End, there are dozens of locations across the Outlands where you can find these stones, so coming across them won't be too difficult. Keep looking, brave one! Rune use does require a skill. If you happen to meet a Fusillade that knows Rune skill, you can learn one or two runes from them, along with the skill to use them.

Using Runes

There are four ways to use a rune.

The first, and most obvious, is just drawing the rune on a surface when you need its effects. This can also be drawn in the air. All runes are made up of straight lines and sharp angles, making them easy to draw on just about any surface. The slightest mistake in drawing it will end in the rune turning into a different one, with a different effect, so take care you don't draw the wrong one!

The second way is called a rune circle. This is a personal ritual, in a sense, in which a person draws and invokes several different runes at once. Each combination will have different effects, and even the same combination will have a slightly different effect for a different person. As mentioned, runes' meanings are occasionally kind of up in the air; what does strife mean to you? That is what the rune of strife will do for you. However, this makes runic circles very open-ended, and up to your own imagination — imagine what result you want, and then choose which runes will go into your circle based on that desire, and what the runes mean to you. You'll probably be right.

The third way is by creating their image in crafting, whether by laying circuit patters on a COMP chip in just the right way, or carving a blade's pommel in the image of a rune. This is one of the easiest ways of modding an equipment item, is by using runes in their creation. You can use the fourth method of using a rune to mod items after their creation.

Thus, the fourth way, is by engraving. Runes can be drawn onto almost any surface, but engraving them permanently into a piece of equipment, or other item, empowers that item with the properties of the rune. Some runes can do some kind of random things when engraved, so you may want to play around with them a bit, but most of the time it shouldn't be too hard to figure out what you'll end up with.

Rune List

agrantha_light_s.png Agrantha
The Rune of Fortune
Agrantha is often called upon for those seeking good fortune, success, or victory in battle. Commonly, Agrantha is used in crafting of weapons, or engraved on weapons. Some may occasionally use it in crafting or engraving of shields and armour, in hopes that it'll grant fortune to the protective item and boost its ability to withstand blows.
ameididiu_light_s.png Ameididiu
The Rune of Fertility
amuriami_light_s.png Amuriami
The Rune of Water
barialaiae_light_s.png Barialaiae
The Rune of Hope
crmu_light_s.png Crmu
The Rune of Destiny
danusu_light_s.png Danusu
The Rune of Change
eiser_light_s.png Eiser
The Rune of Concealing
elestha_light_s.png Elestha
The Rune of Disguise
fanasth_light_s.png Fanasth
The Rune of Lies
faro_light_s.png Faro
The Rune of Flame
gaiusant_light_s.png Gaiusant
The Rune of Darkness
heusidi_light_s.png Heusidi
The Rune of Secrets
hetasir_light_s.png Hetasir
The Rune of Places
idopocustes_light_s.png Idopocustes
The Rune of Winter
ista_light_s.png Ista
The Rune of Thought
kersaso_light_s.png Kersaso
The Rune of Strength
leona_light_s.png Leona
The Rune of Integrity
nausa_light_s.png Nausa
The Rune of Wisdom
nenusch_light_s.png Nenusch
The Rune of Strife
olox_light_s.png Olox
The Rune of Dominion
reuth_light_s.png Reuth
The Rune of Pain
sesus_light_s.png Sesus
The Rune of Beginning
thalassa_light_s.png Thalassa
The Rune of War
thes_light_s.png Thes
The Rune of Longevity
tiarta_light_s.png Tiarta
The Rune of Purity
usis_light_s.png Usis
The Rune of Light
usth_light_s.png Usth
The Rune of Journeys
vian_light_s.png Vian
The Rune of Trust
vilodon_light_s.png Vilodon
The Rune of Weakness
xylu_light_s.png Xylu
The Rune of Friendship
yriai_light_s.png Yriai
The Rune of Truth
zemi_light_s.png Zemi
The Rune of Earth
zemuna_light_s.png Zemuna
The Rune of Majesty
zener_light_s.png Zener
The Rune of Sky
zesc_light_s.png Zesc
The Rune of Honour
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