Quest System

The Quest System is guided, and roll tables may be hidden, and set as either random or linear, enabling quest writers to write narrative and story-heavy quests without spoiling the entire story-line off the bat. This allows some variance in how Quests play out on the site, and disable the need for a lot of quest types to be overseen by someone else.

Quest Interface

When you first enter the Quest system ( it is part of the Skill Suite, accessible through the top bar ), you will be presented with a list of quests that are available to take on. Clicking the magnifying glass will give you more information and details about a certain quest. If you wrote this quest, you'll also have edit and delete functions.

Clicking the + at the bottom of the list will allow you to create a new Quest. On the quest's page, you'll have the ability to add to the roll table. The roll table is a list of events that are part of the quest; random quests will choose an event from this table at random, whereas linear ones will output the list in order. The roll table may be set to visible, or hidden, but it will always be visible to staff, and the player who wrote it. Hidden tables cannot be seen by other players, keeping the quest events a secret.

Taking a Quest

To take on a quest, simply start a new topic in the city that is listed as where the quest takes part. Many quests will have Any, meaning you may take on that quest in any city you want. Mark the thread as a Quest thread via the message icons, whichever quest icon fits. Then, start rolling! Follow along with the events until you've reached completion.

Some quests have special criteria to meet before you can consider the quest done, so be sure to read the quest's description page thoroughly. When completed, post a link to the thread in the tag box and ask for a quest sign-off. Items and skills gained in quest threads cannot be put into play in IC threads that were started before the quest thread was.

[quest]{r0q0} Random/Linear(0)[/quest]


  • This is the number of the last event that was rolled.
  • This is necessary for linear quests to work correctly, but it won't trigger without it, even if the quest is random.


  • This is the quest ID number.
  • You can find this at the end of the URL on the quest information page.


  • Only one.
  • This is whether the quest is listed as being random or linear.


  • This is the total number of rolls in the quest.
  • This is necessary for random quests, so that it doesn't choose a roll higher in number than the total rolls in the quest.
  • If you try to roll a linear beyond this number, it'll politely remind you you're done.

Modding a Quest

Some quests need special spawns. Almost anyone can spawn for, and act as DM for a quest, as long as it is not an Act quest ( this must be done by staff ). To do this, you can simply post in the tag-box when someone requests a DM for a quest that you will be taking it. Follow the quest instructions, and lead the player through the events. Try and make it fun! This isn't all serious business.

If you get stuck, you're welcome to message the staff, or contact the quest writer, if you know who it was.


All quests offer rewards for completing them. Normally this is some amount of Caps, along with special items or Berries. Many quests will also have events along the way that allow for random wild Demon encounters, or coming across small items that will help you on your journey. A lot of quests can also be taken by more than one player at a time; the rewards for these will need to be split between participants, so make sure you can agree on who gets what.

Writing a Quest

To write a quest, it is recommended you have an idea of what goal your quest aims to fulfil before tackling creation. Try and keep events random and varied. If one runs into too much of the same thing, it can get boring and repetitive. Ensure your rewards list matches how hard this quest may be in play. Remember, only staff can give away Mega Evolution items, Asura related items, and other special things. Do not use Asura spawns, either.

If you're concerned that your quest may need some work, you're welcome to PM a staff member to have them look it over.

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