Items System

We have a somewhat simplistic item system here, so there is not much to know. Follow common sense, and you should be fine, to be honest, but just in case one seeks specifics, here we are.

Shop Guide

Each shop that one can purchase from is located in the Marketplace forum. One will need to post in the given shop what they are buying, how much it is, and how much they should have remaining in Caps. There's a form in the shop, usually, for just that. A staff member will be around to dock your Caps, and you can list the item in your inventory. If this item is a Demon / egg or a TM ( TMs teach skills ), you can put the Demon or skill into your Suite manager instead.

Currency Gain

Currency gain is automatic. You will gain 1,200 Caps on registration to start out. 2 Caps per post, and 10 Caps per new topic. You can also do quests to gain bonus Caps, and completing VTRs will also award Cap rewards.

Item Tracking

There are two fields in the profile for this; Inventory and Equipment. The inventory section should be filled in with items that are general use; Berries, potions, food items, etc. Equipment section is for items that play a helping role in combat, such as weapons, that you wish to have active; if an equipment item is not in this section, it is not considered active and its bonuses should not be accounted for. You may format this item tracking system any way you like. There is an automated shop system that will track itself angled to be released in Suite 4.0. This may be a few months in coming.

Equipment Items

Currently, there are no ways to give equipment items any bonuses. This will come when crafting, refining, and modding are released. Thus, until then, all equipment items are just general use, and don't do anything special.


One can trade or sell/buy with other players on the site through the Trading / Bartering forum. You're allowed a player shop in the Player Shop sub-forum as well, only one per character. You'll need to post all transactions that go through the shop, so that staff can adjust Cap counts and such as needed. If you have a problem with another player and their shop, please PM a staff member ( any one of them will do ).

Master List of Items

This will be a table listing out all the items you can gain on Imperion, what they're for, what they do, etc.

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