Happiness and Link
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Happiness is a familiar mechanic to anyone familiar with the Pokemon franchise. However, Link is probably new. Happiness is a rough, generalised indicator of how much a Demon likes you — similarly, Link percentage is a rough, generalised indicator of how strong the bond between Demon and partner is. These two raise automatically on the board, and have similar, but slightly different, roles to play in the game.


Happiness takes the place of Affection, for those familiar with the Pokemon games, but continues to also keep its original traits. It affects evolution for certain species of Demon. Happiness can be altered directly by staff, if we feel you've earned an alteration, and it may either go up, or go down. If you treat your Demons well, it will tend to go up, whereas if you treat them badly, expect it to plummet. If a Demon's Happiness falls to -60, the Demon will just leave.

Happiness is tracked in points. It starts at 20. These points automatically go up on skill level, but it's a relatively slow pace. You gain 2 points every time a skill levels, and it caps out at 255. High Happiness levels will trigger small roll boosters for the given Demon, so remember, a well-treated Demon is a very effective Demon.


Link is similar to Happiness, but it is a separate mechanic that can only be accessed by Psionics. If Link is active, Happiness does not kick in. There are three types of Link: Good, Best, and Perfect. Good is any Demon that is not a Psionic's Best or Perfect. These Demons can only reach up to 40% Link ( the system may let it go over that before stopping ). Best is a Demon that is of the same primary type as the Psionic's Perfect Link. These can reach up to 70% ( again, the system may let it go over that before stopping it ). Perfect Link is a single Demonic evolutionary line that a Psionic can reach 100% Link with ( it also may go slightly over ). It's somewhat of a soul-mate, in Demon form.

Psionics tend to just know when they're facing a Demon they can Link with, and will tend to be intensely drawn to a Perfect Link. Demons can also sense this, and may be attracted, sometimes illogically, to a Psionic they can Perfect Link with. As there are so many Demons, and movement for Psionics can be rather limited, it can lead to it being rather difficult to find their Perfect Link — one generally doesn't just instinctively know, but Demons might. Even faced with their PL, the Psionic may need time to figure out if their instinct is right.

No one may begin with their PL. You must find and Link to a wild one. Staff will happily spawn and control your character's PL for you, just ask in tag box. Link, like Happiness, will boost rolls, but instead of only boosting the Demon's, it boosts both Demon and their partner.

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