Demon Evolution

As Demons are essentially just Pokemon, they are capable of evolving from one species to another. Each Demon type is likely to have a base species that evolves into another specific Demon species, and sometimes, that one can further evolve into a third species. Some Demons do not evolve at all; notably, most Asuras do not evolve ( Solgaleo and Lunala are final evolutions of Cosmog and Cosmoem, which is new for Asuras ). For instance, Audino does not evolve to or from any other Demon species, while Houndour evolves into Houndoom, and Pichu evolves into Pikachu, and then into Raichu.

Demons are also capable of a special evolution called Mega Evolution. This is an evolution that surpasses the limitations of evolution, triggering another evolutionary stage for Demons that normally cannot evolve any further. Houndour can evolve into Houndoom, and then normally, that's the end of the chain, but with Mega Evolution, the bond between Demons and their partner can be pulled upon to power up the Demon further, turning a Houndoom into a Mega Houndoom.

Demonicas, notably, are also capable of evolving, as if they were a Demon instead.

Level-Based Evolution

Most evolutions will be level-based. Since our Demons do not have strict levels, but instead, skill levels, we run off skill level for level-evolution. For two stage evolutions, one skill must reach Class 4-5, and another skill must reach Class 2-2. For three stage evolutions, one skill must reach Class 4-0 and another Class 2-0 for the first stage, and Class 7-0 and 3-5 for the second.

Bug type Demons, in keeping with normal trends for Pokemon, evolve one Class Rank earlier. I.E. 3-5 and 1-2 for two stage, 3-0 and 1-0 / 6-0 and 2-5 for three stage.

Happiness / Link Evolution

Happiness can also trigger evolution in some Demons. For this to trigger, you'll need their Happiness at least at 125. Link percent, for Psionics that do not have Happiness active, must be at 50%. Indeed, Demons that cannot get Best or Perfect Link with a Psionic will never evolve fully.

Evolution Stones

Some Demons will evolved based on exposure to a certain stone. These stones are called Evolution Stones, and they are needed to reach final evolutionary stage for a good deal of Demons. There are no level requirements for a stone evolution; you may do so whenever you like. Simply acquire the necessary stone, and use it on your Demon ( that is, delete it and say you did ). Each stone only works once.

Fire, Water, Leaf, and Thunder Stones are available in the shops.
You can find: Moon Stone, Sun Stone, Dawn Stone, Dusk Stone, Shiny Stone, and Ice Stone, through quests. Notably, The Stones That Speak Quest will give out a random Evolution Stone every time you do it, and it is repeatable.

Special Evolution

Some Demons require special conditions to be met before they evolve. These include: trading, hold items, trading while having a hold item, knowing a certain move, and having a certain other Demon in the party with them when they level up. These can all, barring the certain other Demon being present in party, which can be done easily enough, be consolidated into a level-based evolution, for now. At a later time, these other mechanics will be easier to put into play.

Mega Evolution

Mega Evolution surpasses the last evolution stage that is normally the limit for Demons, allowing certain ones to evolve again into a Mega form. This can be triggered for Demonicas, as well. In order to trigger Mega Evolution, you'll need a Key Stone, and the right Mega Stone. Each Demon species that can Mega Evolve has a Mega Stone of its own. You have a small chance of finding a random Mega Stone in The Stones That Speak, as well as a small chance of getting a Key Stone, but your best shot is going to be the Mega Evolution Quest Chain: The Ties That Bind and Whose Hearts We Change.

These two will guide you through obtaining a Key Stone, creating a Mega Bracelet with the Key Stone set in it, and obtaining a Mega Stone. By default, the Mega Stone it gives you will be the one that corresponds to a random Demon or Demonica you have with you on the quest that is capable of Mega Evolving, whether it is fully evolved or not. If you want a specific Mega Stone first, and have multiple options for which Mega Stone the chain will give you, mention this to a staff member. There is a every expensive item in one of the shops that has a chance of being a Mega Stone, but it is very rarely, and which one it is, if it is one, is random.

Mega Evolution is permanent here. It cannot be undone, so be sure you want to Mega Evolve before doing so. Mega Evolution does trigger roll bonuses eventually, but it takes some time.

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