Demon Crystallisation

Demon Crystallisation is a system of putting a Demon to sleep, and sealing them inside of a crystal. Each Demon has a different stone that it will resonate with and bond to, and thus only one crystal will work for crystallising each Demon; which one depends on the Demon's primary type. If it is a Delta, it goes by its Delta primary type, not its species' typical primary type.

The Demon that is crystallised is not harmed. It simply sleeps, though it is aware of what is going on outside of its crystal, and can communicate with its human partner through telepathy. Demon Crystals are necessary for a couple different mechanics on Imperion, but if your crystal is broken, the Demon is awakened and freed, and you'll have to re-crystallise later.


The means of crystallising Demons is quite simple. The Demon merely needs to have either a very high Happiness rating, or a very high Link rating, whichever one is active. Then, of course, you'll need to find and acquire the necessary jewel in order to seal the Demon inside of it. If you fail to do so, mind, whichever points you're working off, Happiness or Link, will take a severe hit, and your jewel will shatter, putting you back at square one.


The process itself does not require any special skills. All you need to do is roll a d100. Divide Happiness by 3, and Link by 1.2. This is your target ceiling number ( thus, a number lower than that will do, but you don't want it any higher than that ). If the d100 roll lands on a number below that target ceiling, you've got a Demon Crystal. Success rates will not go higher than 85%.

Demon Crystal Uses

The most obvious use for a Demon Crystal is to set it in jewellery, and use it as a Fusion Jewel, thereby becoming a Fusillade. Fusing this way does require a special skill; the higher in Class rank this skill goes, the longer you can handle maintaining the fusion. This skill is called Fusion and should be typed either unknown or normal.

Otherwise, you can also attempt Demon Synthesis. This uses a Demon Crystal and crafting materials in an attempt to create a weapon or other equipment item fused with the plasma essence of the Demon in the crystal. Once you Synthesise, however, you cannot return the Demon back to its original form; it is forever in the item. If you get lucky, it may still hold a part of its consciousness in the item, but this is a rare occurrence. If you fail at Synthesis, the Crystal breaks, and you're liable to lose the Demon, too.

Master List of Jewels

JewelAlmandine.png fighting.png Almandine
This jewel will resonate with Fighting types.
JewelBixbite.png psychic.png Bixbite
This jewel will resonate with Psychic types.
JewelBlueTopaz.png ice.png Blue Topaz
This jewel will resonate with Ice types.
JewelCitrine.png ground.png Citrine
This jewel will resonate with Ground types.
JewelFluorite.png flying.png Fluorite
This jewel will resonate with Flying types.
JewelIolite.png ghost.png Iolite
This jewel will resonate with Ghost types.
JewelKyanite.png water.png Kyanite
This jewel will resonate with Water types.
JewelOnyx.png dark.png Onyx
This jewel will resonate with Dark types.
JewelPeridot.png bug.png Peridot
This jewel will resonate with Bug types.
JewelRhodolite.png fairy.png Rhodolite
This jewel will resonate with Fairy types.
JewelRuby.png fire.png Ruby
This jewel will resonate with Fire types.
JewelSapphire.png dragon.png Sapphire
This jewel will resonate with Dragon types.
JewelSmokyQuartz.png normal.png Smoky Quartz
This jewel will resonate with Normal types.
JewelSpessartine.png rock.png Spessartine
This jewel will resonate with Rock types.
JewelSpinel.png poison.png Spinel
This jewel will resonate with Poison types.
JewelTourmaline.png steel.png Tourmaline
This jewel will resonate with Steel types.
JewelTsavorite.png grass.png Tsavorite
This jewel will resonate with Grass types.
JewelYellowQuartz.png electric.png Yellow Quartz
This jewel will resonate with Electric types.
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