Demon Captures

Demons can be contracted and worked alongside as a partner. Keep in mind that this partnership must be genuine — if either Demon or contractor turn out to be terrible, the contract is quite easy to break. There is nothing making Demons stay with you, nor anything forcing you to keep yours. Simply, it is a verbal partnership. Demons can actually quite easily break free of a chip's containment, and there's nothing stopping you from releasing them from it.

A contractor and their Demonic partners are meant to work together. In this way, they share in growing stronger and learning, and often, can come to share many of the same ideals, goals, and dreams. A contract is simply an agreement that the two come to, but the friendship and trust bond between a Demon and a non-Demon can become strong enough to afford several different bonuses, the most obvious being Mega Evolution, but there are other bonuses possible to achieve.

COMPs and Chips

Imperion symbolises these contracts formed with Demons via COMPs and COMP chips. A COMP is simply an armband computer; it rests on the wrist, either right or left side, but different COMP models can have different designs, and may be afforded a different location. Most, however, well rest on the forearm. COMP chips go into a specialised chip housing in the COMP, which the COMP then reads the data from in order to return a Demon to its corporeal form, rather than as its plasma-data in the chip.

COMPs can have up to six ( 6 ) Demons summoned at once. Players cannot have more Demons active in PvP ( player versus player ) battle than they have opponents — ergo, if you only have one opponent, you should only have one Demon actively participating in battle. NPC battles can have as many Demons active in battle as you have summoned.

Different models of COMP do different things, so it's worth it to buy different models later on in the game, as they will afford different pros and cons.


When a wild Demon is encountered, you'll want to begin tracking something called Friendliness. This number is how one raises to an acceptable capture attempt. COMP chips all have a base target number. Friendliness allows you to raise that target number, by negotiating with the Demon and getting to know it enough that it is less likely to fight the chip. Wild Demons begin at 0 Friendliness, unless they are actively attacking you, in which case it is -80.

The goal is to roll d100s and successfully raise the Friendliness value to a point where the chip is highly likely to succeed. For instance, an Omega Chip has a base target of 25 or lower. You'll want to at least raise the Friendless value to 50, at which point the chip's target becomes 75 or lower, meaning you have a much higher chance of the chip successfully contracting the Demon you're after.

Characters that do not rely on COMPs, such as Fusillades and Psionics, only need to reach a Friendliness value of 80, to form a Bond / Link.

Each roll has a specific outcome, depending on what you rolled. You have a 10% chance of the Pokemon fleeing, a 20% chance of failing, and the rest is success rate ( 70% ). Negotiation, Charm, Charisma, Befriend, and similar skills, can be used to offer a modifier to the d100 rolls to raise or lower the Friendliness value. The bonus it offers depends on Class Rank. It is essentially the Class Rank divided by 3. So, at Class 2-0, it offers +6 to your d100 rolls. At Class 5-0, it offers +16. At most, it offers, at Class 9-0, +30. At skill cap, you will never fail again, so long as your paired skill doesn't. Some conditions will allow for special opportunities.

Roll Result (Modifier)
1-10 Pokemon Fled
11-15 Failure ( -15 )
16-25 Failure ( -10 )
26-30 Failure ( -5 )
31-50 Success ( +5 )
51-80 Success ( +10 )
81-100 Success ( +15 )

Master List of Chips

Alpha Chip

Alpha Chips are rumoured to exist, but many have dismissed them as fantasy because no one has ever seen one. Alpha Chips have a 100% capture rate, and are the only way to contract an Asura.
Base Price: 5400
Base Target: 100
Rarity: Near Impossible to Find
Beta Chip
Beta Chips are the best of the best, but they can be somewhat difficult to find. As far as anyone knows, the only way to get one is to craft it, or get lucky on the field. Beta Chips have the highest capture rate available in normal Chip types.
Base Price: 1400
Base Target: 75
Rarity: Extremely Rare
Gamma Chip
Gamma Chips were designed to improve the comfort level of a Demon that is bound to it, making them warm up to their contractors a bit quicker. Demons in Gamma Chips gain double Happiness or Link.
Base Price: 1000
Base Target: 45
Rarity: Rare
Delta Chip
Delta Chips were part of a group of Chips created for a specific type of Demon. Delta Chips work best on Demons that fly.
Base Price: 400
Base Target: 50 ( Flying Demons ) 20 ( Others )
Rarity: Uncommon
Theta Chip
Theta Chips were part of a group of Chips created for a specific type of Demon. Theta Chips work best on Demons that inhabit the land.
Base Price: 400
Base Target: 50 ( Land Demons ) 20 ( Others )
Rarity: Uncommon
Iota Chip
Iota Chips were the last group of Chips created for a specific type of Demon. Iota Chips work best on Demons that swim.
Base Price: 400
Base Target: 50 ( Swimming Demons ) 20 ( Others )
Rarity: Uncommon
Kappa Chip
These Chips are comparable to Rho and Omicron Chips, but they work best at night.
Base Price: 250
Base Target: 25 ( Day ) 40 ( Night )
Rarity: Fairly Common
Omicron Chip
These Chips are comparable to Rho and Kappa Chips, but they work best during the day.
Base Price: 250
Base Target: 40 ( Day ) 25 ( Night )
Rarity: Fairly Common
Rho Chip
Rho Chips are a little more on the decent side, and a little more rare. Rho Chips have a better capture rate than Sigma and Omega Chips, though it isn't a particularly impressive improvement, just notable.
Base Price: 250
Base Target: 35
Rarity: Fairly Common
Sigma Chip
The Sigma Chip is the second-most common chip type available in Tyrrhenia. Like the Omega Chip, the Sigma Chip does its job, and that is more or less it. However, Sigma Chips do cause Demons bound to one to become slightly more friendly than usual, and they begin with +20 Happiness or Link.
Base Price: 130
Base Target: 25
Rarity: Very Common
Omega Chip
The most common chip available in Tyrrhenia. Omega Chips are very easy to make, but they aren't the most fancy of all the available chips. They do their job, but, that's about it.
Base Price: 100
Base Target: 25
Rarity: Ultra Common
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