Active 1211 - Present
Type Outlander Military
Star Rating ★☆☆☆☆
Territory Mount Ares
Mount Janus
Size 9,000
Commander Grandmaster
Vice Commander Masters
Lieutenant Little Masters

Wintersky is an Outlander band, comprised mostly of Psionics and their Demons, though they have been joined by ex-members of the Republic whom chose to ditch the Republic's ideology. Based out of Volans, Wintersky work relatively closely with both the Shadow Wolves and the Iron Fist, on occasion. They are not directly opposing to either of the other two Outlander bands, and rather get along with both.

It is thanks to the efforts of Wintersky that the Outlier Trials stopped.


It is from humble beginnings that Wintersky was formed. Much like with the other two major Outlander factions, Wintersky did not initially intend to become an Outlander band. Instead, they opted merely to protect their own interests, and the interests of those within their territory. They began first as a guild of traders and merchants, whom depended on open trading and a free-market to make their livelihoods. The Republic, however, became eventually somewhat discerning in which Outlanders it allowed into the Dome and which ones it did not; several of Wintersky's merchants and traders, never mind the traders and farmers that were based around Volans, were eventually on that not allowed list.

When the Outlier Trials first began, Wintersky saw an opening. Rallying together, and becoming fighters in their own right, Wintersky trained and prepared together until they were confident enough in their ability to hold their own against the Republic. Ultimately, they attacked and destroyed several of the Outlier Trial sites, effectively halting the Trials in their tracks — and never quite stopped destroying them. On one hand, this did halt the cruelty that the Trials actually were, and on the other, sent a message to the Republic.

We are here. We are angry. And you will listen whether you want to or not, or you will be next.

It is unknown why, exactly, the Republic cowed to their demands, but, Indus was opened as a trading centre, and allowed all Outlanders to come deal and barter with Dome citizens freely. Wintersky has not been a direct threat to the Republic since, but, they have continued to keep the Trial sites nonfunctional, refusing to allow the Outlier Trials to start again, and so long as the Trial sites remain destroyed, the Republic is aware that Wintersky is still out there, and is still watching.

Wintersky is not very well-known, or heard from often, but when they are, their name is spoken with a mixture of reverence and fear. They are the first Outlanders to trade with the Fusillade tribes that are not an official part of Andasca, and also deal in trading with Andasca; it is possible, due to the high concentration of Psionics in Wintersky, that the faction may eventually become part of the Andascan Federation.


Wintersky first take on apprentices, who then works their way up from there into student, senior student, disciple, senior disciple, adept, elder, little master, and then master. Grandmasters are leaders of the Wintersky, and are chosen by the rest of the band, for their contributions to the band, seniority, and experience.

One can raise their rank via contributing to the band as a whole, such as by donating materials or other needed items like Potions, chips, COMPs, and Berries, and taking part in battles, gaining combat experience, recruiting new members, or by helping commoners in Wintersky's territory.

Known Leaders

Grandmaster Livia Andros

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