Shadow Wolves
Shadow Wolves

Active 1819 - Present
Type Rogue
Star Rating ★☆☆☆☆
Territory Balder Rift
Size 2,000 - 4,000
Commander Grandmaster
Vice Commander Masters
Lieutenant Little Masters

While technically having existed for longer than the Shadow Wolf band, the Shadow Wolves were not always an Outlander band. Originally, they were merely a mercenary and bounty hunter group, held together probably only by virtue of sharing a common attachment to money. The Shadow Wolves are a special sort of case; though they fight the United Republic's encroachment ferociously, they are not actually against the Republic, but of course, true to their old mercenary ways, the Shadow Wolves see no one as enemy, and no one as friend.


The stories passed down from elder members of the Shadow Wolves to newer members recall a time before the United Republic existed to begin with. These stories tell of a pair of brothers, one fighting for a small Outlander group, the other for a different group, who, upon learning they were to meet one another on the battlefield the next day, shared one last round of drinks at a tavern together. One brother survived the battle the next morning — the other did not.

Stricken by grief, and anger at having to fight his own brother to begin with, the surviving brother left the armies of the Outlander band he had been a part of, and struck out on his own. He became a Ronin, but rather than ever entirely being recruited, he demanded payment for one fight, and then was gone when the battle was over, as he no longer held any true allegiance to anyone but himself. Others in similar predicaments soon found their way to him, and they became an official mercenary band.

Of course, when the United Republic popped up in south-eastern Tyrrhenia, the mercenaries were at essentially everyone's disposal, and they found themselves quite rich off the wars and squabbles of others. Unfortunately for them, the United Republic, while they also occasionally hired these mercenaries, did not seem to understand they held zero allegiance, not to them, not to anyone but themselves, and often, not even to one another, as they would commonly fuss with the mercenaries for leaving the Republic after a battle or two. This led to eventual conflict between the sides, and the mercenaries later decided they sided with the Outlanders, becoming an Outlander band in their own right.

Still, the Shadow Wolves do work for anyone that has the money to pay them for it, and while this does bring them into conflict with the Republic, even now, the Outlander bands understand very clearly where the Shadow Wolves stand — or don't, as the case really is.


The Shadow Wolves first take on apprentices, who then works their way up from there into student, senior student, disciple, senior disciple, adept, elder, little master, and then master. Grandmasters are leaders of the Shadow Wolves, and are chosen by the rest of the band, for their contributions to the band, seniority, and experience.

One can raise their rank via contributing to the band as a whole, such as by donating materials or other needed items like Potions, chips, COMPs, and Berries, and taking part in battles, gaining combat experience, recruiting new members, or by helping commoners in the Shadow Wolves's territory.

Known Leaders

Grandmaster Kassander Giovanni

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