The Outlanders

Active 1 - Present
Type Variant
Star Rating Variant
Territory Variant
Size 25,000
Commander Variant
Vice Commander Variant
Lieutenant Variant

For as long as there has been an Outlands, there have been Outlanders. Typically, Outlanders are not really unified enough to consider one single alliance; more accurately, the term is used to refer to anyone that happens to exist outside of the Dome, in any capacity. If you really squint, even those Republic soldiers and Demonicas that spend time outside the Dome could be considered an Outlander.

More recently, there's been a small movement, which is gaining some semblance of steam, to change this term from "Outlander" to "Outlier," the latter term of which would include anyone that is essentially forsaken by the Republic and the laws of the Dome; thereby, Outlier would also include Unregistered Dome citizens and those that are Registered but chose to leave the Dome, as well as Demonicas and Psionics.


In the early years after the End, the Outlanders were few and far between. Most had scattered across the remains of Tyrrhenia, some developing technologies and tools to help them better survive the apocalyptic insanity that had become of their beloved homelands, and some simply seeking shelter wherever shelter could be found. Most survived by hiding in rock outcroppings, canyons, and cave systems, if not tunneling on purpose, and later some moved much closer to the Tiernan Wood. The line of trees breaks the wind speed and makes the area near the Wood much safer and easier to exist around, as it is not as chaotic.

However, after a point, it became unheard of for an Outlander to have biological children of their own. The entire population was rendered essentially infertile, and the Outlander settlements began to dwindle in number. At least, until the Republic showed up.

Many had issue with the Republic, whether because they didn't agree with something they were doing, or because they felt that the Republic wasn't telling the whole truth, or… merely because something didn't "sit right." Ever since the Dome was built, there has always been a small stream of ex-Dome citizens fleeing the Republic into the Outlands, and the Outlander numbers have always kind of fluctuated, sometimes quite wildly, but remain relatively high.

Outlanders are not necessarily opposed to order and structure; what they are opposed to, however, is a government that is corrupted, self-centred, and immoral. Many Outlanders would be happy to establish good relations with the Dome, if not outright go back to the Dome, if it weren't for the Republic being what it is.


Each Outlander group operates differently. See each one's own page to get specific information for each faction and how their rankings work.

Andascan Federation

  • Born of the remnants of the Psionic nation of Andasca; the Federation is essentially a union of the Andascan city-states still standing.
  • Currently at war with the United Republic, but it is something of a cold, on-off war.
  • Primarily, the Federation exists only as a direct response to the United Republic's declaring war on Andasca.
  • They seek merely to pave a future in which Psionics can live in peace, sans-prejudice and oppression.
  • Unsurprisingly, they are extremely against the Republic's Psion Project, and occasionally will assist rights picketers.

Iron Fist

  • The Iron Fist arose from a cluster of Outlanders that simply sought to keep one another safe.
  • The resulting faction is more of a village than a faction, seeking only to keep their members safe, fed, clothed, and sheltered.
  • As such, the Iron Fist is the only faction that can truly be called neutral.
  • The Iron Fist only will interfere in the clashes of other factions if these clashes threaten innocent lives.
  • However, do not underestimate the Iron Fist; many are master fighters. It is said that it takes only one Iron Fist to down an entire battalion.

Shadow Wolves

  • Former wayward assassins, rogues, and thieves, the Shadow Wolves are the only major Outlander band comprised of assassins and rogues.
  • They have quite the reputation. Much like the Iron Fist, the Wolves are neutral — but only until someone gives them money.
  • These 'alliances' do not last. Once the price is paid, if someone else offers more money, their former client may become their next target.
  • They are neither for or against any other faction; the Wolves merely take care of themselves and their own, as no one else will.
  • Due to the hefty political strain in Tyrrhenia, they find more than enough bounties to take, and are actually doing quite well financially.


  • Once a guild of traders, Wintersky have essentially joined the factional big-guns and become an influential faction in their own right.
  • As they are so separate from the rest of Tyrrhenia, being primarily based in Volans, they are not heard from much.
  • However, when they are, their name is spoken with a mixture of reverence and fear.
  • They are known to be the primary originators of the Outlander mission to see the Outlier Trials never start up again.
  • Damascus, the last trial site in the Trials chain, has been essentially overrun by Wintersky. The others never remain standing long.
  • Wintersky focuses partly on stimulating trade, and are frequent sights in Indus, but also partly on getting the economy running strong again.
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