Iron Fist
Iron Fist

Active 1011 - Present
Type Military
Star Rating ★☆☆☆☆
Territory Circinus
Freyr Canyon
Lake Melpomene
Size 1,000 - 1,500
Commander Grandmaster
Vice Commander Masters
Lieutenant Little Masters

The Iron Fist Outlander band were the first to exist, though the straggler-groups of assassins that eventually became the Shadow Wolves technically existed first, just not as an Outlander band. The Iron Fist are the only Outlander band that is entirely and completely neutral, and exist only to protect commoners and Demons from the brunt of the conflict between the United Republic and… everyone else. To this day, though much of the fighting has stopped, the Iron Fist continue to defend commoners' best interests and Demons, and will step into conflicts between any other faction if they need to, for the good of the common man.


The story of Iron Fist begins with a tale of two friends. These friends, more accurately rivals, had existed as neighbours of one another for many a year. The two were very close growing up, and were often friends, if one or the other needed a friend, but were more often the most common tests of one another's strength. Between the two, they kept one another at the peak of their tactical capability and prowess, and it was normal for them to greet each other by attacking one another. Not because they wanted to win, but merely to be sure, if some upstart came along that did, both were ready for it.

When the Republic turned hostile, the two banded together to face the incursion, and single-handedly prevented the Republic from pushing their Dome much farther into the Outlands than they already had. The Tiernan Wood did the rest of the blocking, and the two settled around Circinus, always keeping one eye on the Republic and its movements. Ultimately, around them formed a web of followers, people that wanted to learn to defend themselves the way the friends had, and the Iron Fist was born; and always kept one eye on the Republic.

While the Iron Fist has changed leadership many, many times since then, there are almost always at least two leaders, often consistently challenging one another to keep each other in decent shape, as a sort of tradition, often very deeply good friends, and always keeping one eye on the Republic. The Iron Fist do their best to keep to the same tenants that the band was formed under, and any time the United Republic seeks to make a mess that would impact commoners or their livelihoods, the Republic has to answer to Iron Fist, first.

After a while… the Republic just stopped facing them, and will tend to avoid direct conflict with Iron Fist instead. Because of their grand success at staving off the Republic's occasional threat, the Iron Fist are well-loved among the average Outlanders, and it is very common for a Ronin to help an Iron Fist member.


Iron Fist first take on apprentices, who then works their way up from there into student, senior student, disciple, senior disciple, adept, elder, little master, and then master. Grandmasters are leaders of the Iron Fist, and are chosen by the rest of the band, for their contributions to the band, seniority, and experience.

One can raise their rank via contributing to the band as a whole, such as by donating materials or other needed items like Potions, chips, COMPs, and Berries, and taking part in battles, gaining combat experience, recruiting new members, or by helping commoners in Iron Fist's territory.

Known Leaders

Grandmaster Surya

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