Andascan Federation
Andascan Federation

Active 2082 - Present
Type Racial
Star Rating ★☆☆☆☆
Territory Aegea
Size 8,000 - 10,000
Commander Warlords
Vice Commander Junior Warlords
Lieutenant Senior Warriors

The Andascan Federation is a union of fighters from the city-states of Andasca, essentially a defence force, and the first and only military Andasca has ever had before. While non-battlers are permitted to ally with and join the Andascan Federation, most are either Warlord or Warrior. The Federation is, in some sense, also a unifying government body, that brings together the Warlords of the remaining Andascan city-states into a single, overarching government, ensuring the city-states remain united and operate together.


The Psionic nation of Andasca was formed sometime prior, or during, the onset of the catastrophic event known as the End. It is speculated that the founders of Andasca were somewhat scattered across Tyrrhenia, and this is why the Andascan city-states ended up more or less segregated from one another. Andasca's historical record does not appear to start until more recently, so it is not possible to determine the truth of this occurrence.

Each Andascan city-state established and developed essentially apart from the others. They may not have even known one another existed at any point during their growth as a settlement. Thus, when one finally came into contact with another, entirely by chance, it was rather the surprise. The first two that met one another underground, Venedi and Calabria, went looking for others, and soon, a whole host of Psionic city-states were discovered.

More on a whim, the Psionic nations decided to unify as one, naming their nations, collectively, Andasca. But this unification was more of a loose alliance. When Calabria was first gassed and destroyed, followed not long after by Sykamina, the rest of the Andascans simply left it alone. They had no interest in getting involved in the conflict between the other Andascan city-state and the Republic. Unfortunately for them, the Republic soon enough brought the conflict to them.

As the Republic started to seemingly find it amusing to toss gas canisters filled with Dysphoria gas into their tunnels, slaughtering their people by the score and enslaving the ones that lived, the Psionics finally decided to fight back, to some extent. The Andascan Federation became the first true alliance Andasca had ever really had among one another, and the first organised military force any of the city-states had ever established.

The Federation wishes to preserve Andasca, or what is left of it. Beyond that, they haven't become particularly vicious. They have recently also come into contact with the Fusillade tribes, and have warily begun trading with them.


Like the city-states themselves, the Andascan Federation is run by Warlord, Junior Warlord, and Senior Warrior. Unlike the city-states, the Federation is an oligarchy, comprised of all of the city-states' Warlords and Junior Warlords.

Gaining rank in the Andascan Federation requires strength, integrity, and a genuine desire to preserve Andasca.

Known Leaders


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