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Our setting is somewhat detailed and developed. The Tyrrhenians are not alone on the planet they call home, just isolated, and so there is an entire world map, and a back-drop to our board setting, that users may be interested in. We also have some unique setting mechanics, such as Asuras, underground fighting rings, technological advancements, and the Outlands and the Dome can be very different in day-to-day life. These pages cover some aspect of living in our world, and are good to be aware of when you create your character.

Mostly, the only truly required read below, would be the History page, and the Dome, Outlands, and Registration System pages. The rest can be normally read at a later point.


Most simply, Asuras are what we call Legendary and Mythical Pokemon in the world of Imperion. However, their existence, the roles they play, and how they are created, are different from how it is portrayed to work in the Pokemon franchise. As such, this page will go over all of that for you.


We recognise that we are aiming for a mixture of Pokemon-fans and members that have never bothered with Pokemon before; as such, the DemonBase, somewhat short for Demon Database, is a compilation of pages going over basic, essential information about each Demon species, so that each player, no matter their experience with Pokemon, can play comfortably here.


This page goes over the history of our world, focused explicitly on Tyrrhenia, or what one day became Tyrrhenia. This history, however, was written by the victor, and is not entirely truthful about what really happened. The main Act Quest line will take players to the true story behind Tyrrhenia. It is designed this way so that players can decide whether they want to take part in this story-line, or not, thereby you can stand by this history, or seek the truth.


This page is a collection of maps, created by Kendra of Imperion. There are two world maps, one from before the End, and one after, and one map of just present-day Tyrrhenia. We may see more maps in the future, but for now, these should do quite well.

Pyxis Fighting Rings

In response to the Registration System, those of the poorest cities in the Dome spring-boarded the underground fighting rings. The following of these rings is quite massive, and a few fighters have managed to make quite a name for themselves among the rings, and it is, at present, one of the few options for unregistered citizens to make ends meet. However, they are very dangerous, often eventually leading to death, among other complications.

  • You can ignore the rings exist, they are not a particularly integral part of the setting.

Registration System

The United Republic tracks its citizens via the Registration system. This system divides its citizens between Registered and Unregistered; the Republic takes care of those that are Registered, and forgets the Unregistered even exist at all. A pretty standard feature of a cyberpunk game, the Registration system, due to its being rather expensive to register, harshly underscores the gigantic gap between wealthy and impoverished, between wanted and unwanted.


Tyrrhenia was at one time world renowned for its scientific, medical, and technological advancements. While the End has destroyed much of this technology and forced Tyrrhenians to start over from nothing, they have caught up with themselves quite well, and are now a leading scientific civilisation, even if most other nations are not aware of it. This page will go over all the unique technologies and advancements that Tyrrhenia has made and implemented into every day life since the onset of the End.

The Dome

The Dome is a plasma barrier, supported by steel, built after the End, to protect humans, who could not easily withstand the Outlands' chaos, from the brunt of the Outlands' harsh environment. Most humans on Imperion will live in the Dome, and this page will go over the climate, setting, economy, and important cities and locations within it.

The Outlands

The Outlands is the rest of Tyrrhenia, mostly so chaotic in climate and environment that one can't really call it a climate — it is too chaotic to qualify. Humans generally cannot tolerate the Outlands for a terribly extended period, but the other races usually can handle it for longer, sometimes, much longer. This page goes over the Outlands' environment, setting, economy, and important cities and locations.

The Outlier Trials

At one time, Unregistered citizens, usually children or very young adults, had their names pulled once a year to participate in the Outlier Trials, a battle to the death inspired by the underground fighting rings, set in a series of arenas across the Outlands. Not only did these individuals have to fight one another, but they also had to deal with the unique environments each arena had. Surviving an arena awarded participants a badge. Only the last standing would survive to gain the final badge. At present, the Trials have been shut down through the collective effort of the Outlanders to keep the arenas non-functioning, and it has not run in at least five years, but may someday see a revival.

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