Imperion Rules
Thank you for your interest in Imperion! We're glad to have you! There are just a few things to go over before you click the register link on the board. Before we go over those things, we do want to mention that Imperion aims to foster a friendly, welcoming and homey atmosphere for every member on the site. Due to the immense level of diversity among people, you may find people that you do not get along with, or people whose lifestyle and neuro-divergences you have trouble with. You don't have to like or condone these lifestyles and divergences; but you should respect them as individual people capable of free-thinking, making their own choices, and drawing their own boundaries. Any biased treatment of others, either good or bad, may end in Imperion's staff asking you to find somewhere else to play.

General Rules

Behave in a manner consistent with how you wish to be seen.
If you don't want others seeing you as a whiny brat, don't act like one. Represent yourself well.

We have no word count, no character caps, no strict activity requirements. Simply, communicate.
If you're not feeling a character or a thread, just let people know. You may use as many, or as little, words as you need for your posts. If you need 2,000, that's fine; if you only need 200, that's also fine. Inactive accounts we have not seen around in a month will be logged inactive, and after another month, deleted, but that's about it for activity things.

No posting templates, no gifs, no images in IC posts, do not change the font size to be smaller than default, neon or otherwise blinding colours will be changed or removed without warning.
One exception to the gifs rule is that you may use the Pokemon sprites from Gen 6+.

Face claims are not required. If you do choose to use them, they may be anything you want, a live-action, CG, self-drawn, or animanga.
Please do not steal artwork from someone else. Be sure the artist is okay with you using their work before doing so.

Avatar images are 250x250, at maximum. Make them a square image. Signatures should be at most 500x200.
There is another, larger image available that shows in profiles, and, on some themes, in threads, these are 275x500 in size.

Our board is mostly rated high-side PG-13 / 2.2.2. It does go over that; you will have to confirm your birthdate to gain access to mature threads that can go up to 3.3.3. / NC-17.
In light of this, members should be at least sixteen (16) years of age to join. You'll need to be eighteen (18) to gain mature access. If you affirm you are 18 to gain mature access, you are saying that you are eighteen years old, and the staff cannot be held responsible for what you read or write that point on.
If you do not wish to participate in mature threads or themes, that is fine. If someone seems to be pressuring you to do so, please reach out to staff. We will not tolerate this behaviour.

We are a post-apocalyptic cyberpunk game. We are almost entirely original.
You will eventually notice that we do have Pokemon creatures on the site, and a few of the Pokemon franchise mechanics. However, we are not a Pokemon board—nothing beyond this ties us to the franchise. They're not even called Pokemon here, they're called Demons. You can do fine here around them, and don't generally have to fuss with them if you don't want to. The mechanics porting is only to streamline everything.

Chat-Box Rules

No advertising.
We have an ad-board for that, please use it.

Inflammatory behaviour, rudeness, snarking, provoking drama, bringing up subjects that don't need to be discussed (religion and politics), etc, will be dealt with.
You may be banned from using the cbox.

Our cbox is integrated into our board software. Whatever your username and avatar are on the board is what will be used in the cbox.
Just type in the message box and press enter, it'll figure itself out. If you are a guest, it will label you Visitor with a random number at the end of your name, to differentiate between guests when there are more than one. The number will change if you reload the index, but you can keep it and browse the site in other tabs.


It is not required, but we request you register an OOC account first.
Follow the joining guide to learn how to create character accounts after.

Character usernames must be First Last format; proper capitalisation and spacing.
If your character's name is entirely in an East Asian language (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Vietnamese), order it Last First. This is how they order it in East Asia, so please observe this tradition.


The application is located entirely in the forum profile.
Simply click your username at the top of the site, below the banner, and then hover over Modify Profile, and click Forum Profile. You'll be presented a series of fields and textareas. Fill these in to build an application.

Each character type has a different set of starting gear.
Be sure you are aware of what your race's allowed starting gear is. You may swap one starting item for a gear swap item, but only one of each.

If you would like more of a specific thing, or an extra thing, due to character backstory reasons, use the auditions.
These are RP samples that show what the character would be like with this extra or new thing. They should be written in the character's point of view. Please label what auditions are for. Most are accepted, but, some may not be.

No new player, under any circumstances, may ever join the site and begin with a Legendary in their party.
It will never be approved, save yourself the audition effort.

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