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Imperion features several different character types, or races. The most common will likely be Tyrrhenian, the demographic term for humans in our setting. Below, you'll find short, basic introductions to each race, their main points and unique features, and which ones are recommended as beginner character types, and which are not, and why. Use these short summaries to determine which race types you're most interested in getting to know more about.


  • Originally built as a sentry, defence, and labour force, that could withstand the harsh conditions of the Outlands.
  • Mechanical constructs given artificial sentience.
  • Many now have gained upgrades to this artificial sentience, and a few have begun to learn and evolve.
  • Daeni technology can also be used to save organic beings that cannot live on their own.


  • Primarily just like humans, with the bonus side ability of fusing with a Demon on command at will.
  • Pioneers of the Runic System, the most skilled Runemasters have all been Fusillades.
  • No known Fusillades reside in the Dome; all current living ones are in the Outlands.
  • Maintain a small settlement on the outskirts of the Tiernan Wood.
  • Notably capable of wandering into the Wood and consistently coming back out of it.


  • Strange, animal-like creatures, thought to predate humans, but, as far as anyone knows, new to Tyrrhenia.
  • It is thought in some schools of science that humans may have evolved from a normal-type Demon of some form.
  • Commonly kept as pets, battle partners, and companions. How one treats Demons tends to give insight into their temperament.
  • One of few races that can withstand the Outlands for long periods unaided, making them very desirable to the Republic.

Recommended first character.

Note: You may recognise these are Pokemon under a new name. No knowledge of Pokemon is necessary to play here. We are not technically a Pokemon board, please don't misunderstand. Simply, they fit this role very well and save our staff team some brainstorming.


  • Engineered by the Republic, a permanent, genetic fusion of human and Demon.
  • Originally used to save lives, but have eventually become an elective option.
  • While necessary to the sustaining of the Republic, live very oppressed lives.
  • The United Republic fears them as much as they need them, and strictly controls their numbers.

Not recommended for a first character; they are highly restricted and controlled.


  • A faction of humans that did not seek shelter in the United Republic's Dome after the End.
  • Rather, they dug underground tunnels and shelters in caverns beneath the surface.
  • These humans underwent strange mutations that give them Demon abilities, and an affinity for a certain, single type.
  • The Republic will typically try to capture a Psionic alive, and merge them into the Psion Project, which created Demonicas.
  • Psionics were named after the Psion Project, for lack of anyone being able to think up anything else.

Not recommended for a first character; they are highly restricted and controlled.


  • Primary race on the planet, after Demons. Demons are thought to vastly outnumber them.
  • Have very little going for them, but are very adaptable and resourceful on the whole.
  • Very staple race on this planet, some even surviving the Outlands.
  • Humans, but they call themselves Tyrrhenian, generally. The region is more commonly now referred to as Tyrrhenia.

Recommended first character.

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