Mechanics Index

Our game features several different kinds of mechanics. Most of it, you won't have to memorise right off the bat, you can get adjusted and accustomed to it as you play. These pages are here for future reference, more than to be memorised when you first start out. Don't be afraid to reference back to these pages when you need them, and if you find something confusing, or want to make sure you got it right, feel free to ask about it!


This page goes over how the different sorts of battles work on our site. There are three kinds of battles you can end up taking part in; a territory battle, tied to the faction system which can be a little complicated at the moment; a fighting ring battle, which is tied to the Neon Angels quest; or a general battle, essentially any other battle that doesn't fall under the territory or fighting ring header.

Demon Captures

The Demon Captures page will go over how capturing new Demons works on Imperion. Actually it's pretty random, and requires a lot of rolling, but you also have the option of having another player control the Demon you're attempting to contract with, to make it more interactive and more like actual negotiation. This page also goes over the COMP chip types, and their base target numbers.

Demon Crystallisation

Demon Crystallisation is a necessary process in both becoming a Fusillade, and in a method of equipment modding. This page will go over how, exactly, to get a Demon Crystal, along with the different things you can do with it once it's created, and the drawbacks of failure.

Demon Evolution

Demons, given they are essentially Pokemon, have the ability to evolve, and most Demons can evolve at least once. This page will go over the different ways a Demon can be made to evolve, and how to determine at what point they will evolve. It also goes over the evolution stones, and goes over Mega Evolution, which we have kept from Pokemon.

Happiness & Link

Happiness and Link are driving points in several aspects of having a Demon. Psionics are also dependent on Link percentage. This page will go into detail on both mechanics, and how they work, what they effect, and why you should bother paying attention to them. Note that the Skill Suite will automatically raise Happiness and Link points without any input from you, so you don't have to manually track these, either.

Item System

Our site's currency system, and how buying, selling, and trading items works. It will also go over the main types of items and what they're for, and link to a masterlist of items, which will give you information pages for every item currently available in the game, and what it does/is for. We have quite a few cool items to get!

Quest System

Here you'll find expanded information on the quest system, how taking a quest works, how writing one works, and things you should keep in mind while going on a quest adventure. Remember that each quest has slightly different rules to it, so be sure to read each quest's individual description, requirements, restrictions, and instructions.

Runic System

The Runic System is a symbol-based magic system that is available for all races on Imperion to learn. It is a newer discovery, so you'll be discovering new runes and new ways of using them over time as you play. This page goes over how to learn new runes, how to use them, and the different runes that are already in-play. We have around 300 runes to discover; are you up to the challenge?

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